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• Back pain • Neck pain • Car accident injury • - Elbow pain • Sciatica pain • Herniated disc • Headaches • Joint / sports injuries

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Sports Injury Chiropractic Care
Serving Silicon Valley: Santa Clara, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill and more...

San Jose Sports Injury Chiropractor
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Pain Management For Pro, College, and High School Sport injuries.

Dr. Don Ajlouni specializes in both spine and sports pain management. He works with both amateur and professional athletes that have injured themselves while playing their sport. Athletes, coaches, and doctors all have come to realize that pain killers are no longer the answer to long-term healing - just a quick fix to painful symptoms and injuries that become more serious. Sports place a strain on the back, muscles, bones, and joints. Chiropractors often deal with spine, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerve injuries among their athlete patients.

Lance Armstrong, Dan O’Brien, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, all utilize chiropractic care. Sports chiropractic care is not only to correct but also - prevent sports injuries. More and more today athletes and sports organizations, including:

Are you an athlete and have you been - injured while playing sports? Do you find yourself not only dealing with the pain of your injuries but also sorting through trying to obtain the best Chiropractic treatment for your injuries?

Dr. Don Ajlouni San Jose best known sports chiropractor corrects vertebral subluxations (vertebrae in the spine which have lost their normal position and are causing pressure on connected tissue, joints and nerves) which inhibit the body from allowing total health. Don Ajlouni is not only concerned with his - patients overall well-being but also recognizes that many factors affect health, including: stress, exercise, diet, rest, environment and heredity.

Health Group Online and Dr. Donald Ajlouni San Jose's Chiropractic Sport Injury Center help athletes throughout Santa Clara find relief from their sports injuries.

Chiropractic Sports Pain Management
Call Now: (408) 224-8616

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Call today to see how Dr. Donald Ajlouni can help in all your needs to get your life back and your body back on track after an unfortunate auto accident. We bill your insurance, direct! Dr. Donald Ajlouni has dedicated himself to the pursuit of well being in helping car crash injury patients.

Involved in an sports injury or accident? ...
you may need Chiropractic Care!

Types of Sports Injuries: -
muscle sprains and strains: tears of the ligaments that hold joints together - tears of the tendons that support joints and allow them to move - dislocated joints - fractured bones, including vertebrae and more: Foot & Toe Injuries
Turf toe
Pes cavus (Claw Foot)
Plantar fasciitis
Stress fracture foot
Morton's syndrome
Bruised heel
Achilles bursitis
Sever's disease
Ankle Injuries
Sprained ankle
Footballers ankle
Peroneal tendon dislocation
Lower Leg Injuries
Achilles tendinitis
Anterior compartment syndrome
Partial rupture of achilles tendon
Total rupture of achilles tendon
Shin splints
Calf strain - Cramp
Posterior compartment syndrome
Tight calf muscles
Knee Injuries
Patella pain syndrome (CMP)
ACL injury
Jumper's knee
Osgood sclatters disease
Housemaids knee
Articular cartilage injury
Quadriceps tendon inflammation
Baker's cyst
Medial cartilage meniscus injury
Posterior cruciate ligament sprain
Knee arthritis
Thigh Injuries
Hamstring strain
Tight hamstring muscles
Quadriceps strain
Contusion of quadriceps
Rectus femoris rupture
Groin strain
Gilmore's groin
Inflammation of the adductor muscles
More thigh injuries ...
Lower back
Buttock Pain
Piriformis syndrome
Sacroiliac joint pain
Facet joint pain
Muscle strains
Chest and abdominal injuries
Abdominal strain
Fracture of the ribs
Breast pain
Sternoclavicular joint sprain
Shoulder Injuries
Shoulder Anatomy
Rotator cuff injury
Dislocated shoulder
Clavicle fracture
AC joint injury
Frozen shoulder
Inflammation of biceps long head
Winged scapula
More shoulder injuries.
Head Injuries
Facial Injuries
Elbow Injuries
Tennis elbow
Golfer's elbow
Triceps tendon rupture
Hyperextension injury
Students elbow
Wrist Injuries
Wrist bursitis
Carpel tunnel syndrome

Types of sports: - Archery - Badminton - Baseball - Basketball - Billiards - Bowling - Boxing - Cheerleading - Commonwealth Games - Cricket - Cycling - Dance - Dodge Ball - Extreme Sports - Fencing - Field Hockey - Fishing - Football - Soccer - Gaelic Sports - Golf - Gymnastics - Hunting and Shooting - Ice Hockey - Kayaking - Lacrosse - Martial Arts - Miscellaneous Sports - Netball - Olympics - Paralympics - Polo - Powerboats - Racing - Racquetball - Rowing and Sculling - Rugby - Sailing - Scuba - Skateboarding - Skating - Skiing - Snowboarding - Snowmobiling - Softball - Special Olympics - Squash - Surfing - Swimming - Table Tennis - Target Shooting - Tennis - Track and Field - Volleyball - Water Polo - Water Skiing - Weightlifting - Wrestling - Youth Sports